Update: While we recommend Name Cheap for ease of setup, we have added some setup videos for common domain hosts

hosts, to help those out who are using them. If you do not see your host listed in the list below and are having trouble figuring

out, how to direct the URL to ignytr, let us know in the support desk. 

Shortcut Links:

Domain Setup Overview & Name Cheap Example

Domain Settings For ignytr Assets 


1. buy/secure domains

2. Create 2 A records (@ & www) pointed to the ignytr server:  (all explained in the video)

Choose the correct ip based on which version of ignytr you are using:

Ignytr 1.0 IP Address:

Ignytr 2.0 IP Address:

Note:  be sure there are no secondary A or www records pointed to another ip address. 

This will results in a conflict and your URL will not know where to go.

3. Build out a small footprint - get ranked! (You can submit to google webmaster URL to possibly speed this up)
Click Here To Submit To Google

That's all you need to get your assets up and running :-)

4. After a few hours create a FREE cloudflare account (if you don't have one already) and add the domain or add the aged domain to an existing cloudflare account. You only have to create 1 FREE cloudflare account for all your domains. Click Here for Cloud Flare Setup


GoDaddy Domain Setup

Host Gator

Host Gator Domain Setup