What Does The Word Niche Mean?

Basically it just means industry or type of service etc.

Example: Pool Builder or Outdoor Construction is a niche.

or Weight Loss or Self Development is a niche.

What Does Sub-Niche Mean?

Sometimes people mention sub-niches as well. That just means... you can drill deeper into niches to make it easier to target your audience. 

Example: Health is a very broad niche. Even Weight Loss is very broad and competitive. But... Weight Loss for single moms is very specific.

What Does CTA or Call-To-Action Mean?

It means... what's the call to action or action you want the prospect or person coming to your site/ video/ asset to take when they get there.

It can be a link to purchase a product, pay for a service, sign up for your newsletter, collect their email to receive a free ebook or tips, the number you want them to call etc.