What is Cloudflare & Why Use It With ignytr?

Here is a quick answer to what is Cloudflare and why use it with ignytr sites:

Cloudflare will help to speed up your sites load times (gives you better rankings).

It helps to protect your assets from hackers

It makes the search engines think all your assets are on different IP addresses so you have better chance of ranking multiple assets on the same page. If you weren't using Cloudflare you would have to purchase multiple hosting to achieve this.

It also protects your assets from yourself and others using the same network. Search engines can't see what your server IP is when you are using Cloudflare.

Example: let's say you decide to run a test and create an asset that sells trashy romance novels. But Google decides your new test site is a possible porn site. They decide to punish you for no good reason by de-indexing and slapping your site. If you are not using Cloudflare they could slap all your sites on the same server thinking you must have more smut out there.

So... By using Cloudflare they won't see any other assets you have on the same network and you are safe to sell your trashy romance novels with no fear of big bad G interfering with your life choices :-)