ignytr Startup Guide

Use the following steps to guide you through the process of researching, building & selling your ignytr Assets. While all steps are designed to be fairly easy, taken as a whole it can seem overwhelming. So go through one step at a time. As always, if you get stuck, don't hesitate to contact us at: www.rockstarhelp.com

Note: some of these videos are pulled from the "Google Love" program, in our "Digital Asset Academy," membership site. Some terms are mentioned that are not necessary to build and rank your ignytr site, such as "Widenet Channels" & "Catch All" channels. So this is not something that is missing from the training. The additional training helps to expand your online presence, beyond the ingytr site. Ask us if you have any questions about the Digital Asset Academy.

Step 1.  Join the Facebook group! - https://www.facebook.com/groups/977939258928305

There is no better place, other than the Digital Asset Academy, to get community support & share ideas.

RockStar Tip: Get Your Mind Right! - starting any venture with the right mindset is key. Anything worth while, takes a bit of work or you won’t appreciate it. Set your goal & reverse engineer your way to success. We do our best to help you do that here. If somewhere along the line, you find yourself needing assistance, that is what we are here for. Reach out to us as www.rockstarhelp.com

Step 2.  Site Research

when building any site you want to approach it in an organized fashion. Start with deciding your business model, niche & city. Do your keyword Research and organize content you feel ads value to the subject and would want to read if you were a customer.

“95% of the time when you are struggling getting to get results with your assets, we find it’s one of these that is the cause.”

  1. Research
  2. Niche Choice
  3. Monetization Strategy
  4. Keyword Choice & Usage

Niches: Who & What To Target:  

(tip: Go after valuable niches! Especially if you take the time to build out a complete “Google Love” business profile. Another option is to rent smaller footprints out for less, as an entry level opportunity for businesses starting out, with the potential to scale.)

Tip #1: If just getting started, pick a niche and become the expert in that niche. If writing your own content, you may find it helpful to choose something that interests you.

Potential High Value Targets:
  • Legal
  • Medical (cosmetic surgeons, dental, anti-aging, etc…)
  • Home Repair & Maintenance

Monetization Research - Choosing Your Monetization Strategy:

Watch the video!

“Rank & Rent” B2B Model

  • Creating Massive Visibility for a Business/Organization Local Business & Lease Asset to Local Business. Collect Fee (ex: $500+ per month)
  • Generate Leads - for yourself or other businesses

Beyond Local:
  • Drive Traffic - to Affiliate Offers that pay you:
    • Amazon
    • Clickbank
    • etc…
  • Drive Traffic - to your own site

Keyword Research Overview

Watch the Video!

Learn to Love Winners - finding easy, winnable keywords (in terms of competition)
  • Winnable in terms of competition
  • Winnable in terms of intent
  • A balance in terms of competition & intent
  • The Formula: 5<10 + 3<10 = Win
  • Pick 5 Main KW’s under 10 “exact match” results
  • Pick 3 Secondary KW’s under 10 “exact match” results

When people think “Long Tail” Keywords, they typically think low competition. It can but does not necessarily mean low volume. This is just the number of sites that have used this combination of words on their site. We go for high buyer intent keywords. Additionally, when you choose your long tail keywords, you are also targeting the words within that keyword phrase.

Example:  “Best Bankruptcy Attorney Atlanta” also targets “Bankruptcy Attorney”

So in reality you are targeting a number of different keywords, with one keyword phrase.

Advanced Tip:  We normally target each page for one specific keyword and can additionally include a secondary keyword, throughout the content. You can also use different keyword variations of your primary keyword, so long as you get enough use out of your primary keyword. Your content also should flow and read well. More explained in the video.

Step 3. Choose Your Domain

A. Domain Name Setup -  With ignytr, the only think you need to provide is the domain name.  Click Here to learn how to acquire a domain name, point it to ignytr and point it to your chosen site.

B. Cloudflare Integration
(optional) - Click Here to learn the benefits of integrating with Cloudflare and how to do so.

C. Subdomains (optional) - There may be times when you want to use a sub domain, over a first level domain name, especially for use in satellite sites. Click Here to learn how.

Step 4. Content

Content Overview:   Watch video here!
  • Where to get content: Write it yourself, Outsource, Curate
  • You need GOOD content to make this work!
  • This isn’t just for Google - remember you are appealing to real people as well
  • Spice up your content with images, break up long areas of text
  • Keep lines of text to an easily readable length

Would you stay on a page that doesn’t offer you something of interest or value? Think about what you would like to see as a visitor to a site, regarding your topic.

Content Ideas:
  • Simple Article: A multi-step “Help Guide”
  • Something helpful to someone looking to “Get X” (steps-guide what to avoid)
  • Simple Q&A

  • 5 Tips to finding a bankruptcy expert in Anaheim
  • Top Questions about/for bankruptcy experts in Anaheim

Content Writer Resources: (additional resources on video page)
Let’s Get Content!

Watch Video Here!

The Content Game Plan

Use the following to help build out your content:
  • 5 Articles - each article relating to one of your “Primary Keywords.”
    • Aim for 500-100+ words
    • Remember - this can all be outsources EASILY
    • Curation is another simple, low cost method
  • Get 5 Q&A’s
  • Gather 5-10 images

ROCKSTAR TIP #1: Write at around an 8th grade level
Tool: Hemmingway App

Note: some of these videos are pulled from the "Google Love" program, in our "Digital Asset Academy," membership site. Some terms are mentioned that are not necessary to build and rank your ignytr site, such as "Widenet Channels" & "Catch All" channels. So this is not something that is missing from the training. The additional training helps to expand your online presence, beyond the ingytr site. Ask us if you have any questions about the Digital Asset Academy.

Anatomy Of A Page:

Content checklist & anatomy of a page!
(for Ignytr and anything else)
Want your sites to rank and stick?

Follow this check list:

1. Start with picking your top 5 keywords
2. Pick keywords with less than 5 "exact match" competition (the lower the better)
3. Pick one main keyword for 1 page on the site
4. Use main keyword for page as title
5. Use main keyword for page in at least 2 headings (h1 tags)
6. Use main keyword at least 3 times in paragraph content (written exactly as your keyword). Spread it out.
7. Use secondary (other 4 keywords) at least once each throughout content.
8. Aim for at least 500 words of content (can be curated)
9. Use one image per 150-200 words. This makes it easier on the eyes.
10. Name image file names with your keyword(s) - also use keywords in alt text/meta titles of images.

If you check all 10 of these every time, you'll be in great shape! Rock⚡️On!

Step 5. Money Site Build

Site Architecture

Building the structure, the “bones” of the site, should only take a few minutes, once you get proficient at the process.

Learn how to structure your ignytr site build. Watch Video Here! 

*Know your “Call to Action!

Using Images on ignytr:    See Video

Main-Satellite Footprint Structure Example

For a more detailed explanation…Watch the Video Here!


Sample #1:

Sample #2: 

Loading Content

You have your content, now get it into your new ignytr site!  Watch Video Here!
Just like building the site structure, once you have your content, it should be a quick process to drop your content into your new ignytr site.

Step 6. Site Results

Watch Video Here!

Note: after your site is built, you can clone & duplicate your results.  Click Here!

Step 7. Sales

Good sales is less about being a pushy salesman and more about relationships. It is understanding your customers needs. Here are some tips:

  • Know your value proposition - really take the time to understand and be able to explain that value of what you are offering to the customer. If you do not understand it yourself, then you aren’t likely to feel confident in asking for the prospects business.
  • Know the numbers - have an idea of what one customer is worth to a potential client, in this niche. This helps you gauge what price the asset and reinforces your confidence in the value of the assets.
  • Scarcity & Competition - gently remind them that if they don’t pick this up, their competition could.

If your business model is building sites for local business, Click Here for some helpful guidance on leasing your sites.

Digital Asset Academy - Expanded Digital Footprint:

Take ignytr to another level! If you haven’t already, we recommend subscribing to our Digital Asset Academy Membership Site, where we host all of our training. Here we show you how to expand an online business presence beyond your ignytr money site.

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